Common operational misconceptions

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> RJ45 is really an example of what was originally a misconception
> became so widespread, so universal, that reality has actually shifted
> so the misconception became reality. When was the last time you ever
> heard anyone say "8P8C connector?"
> Joe public caught on to "RJ45", so now that word means something
> different in common usage than what it was specified to be. When
> was the last time you heard someone say 8P8C connector in reference to
> Ethernet?

WADR: horseshit.

I, in fact, just wrote a cabling RFQ yesterday for a new building, and
*I* write "8P8C male modular connector".  So, in short: if you *actually
need to be saying it*, you actually need to be saying it correctly, because
you're talking to people who know the difference.

They won't say anything, mind you, and you'll get what you want; they'll
just think you're a clueless dilettante.

-- jr 'yes, I'm a prescriptivist[1]' a

[1] The *point* of language is communication; this is impossible if
words "mean what people want them to mean, no more, no less".
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