Common operational misconceptions

Masataka Ohta mohta at
Tue Feb 21 03:37:07 UTC 2012

George Bonser wrote:

> I, in fact, HAVE read the RFC.

You don't, at all.

>     The initial value for search_high SHOULD be the largest possible
>     packet that might be supported by the flow.  This may be limited by
>     the local interface MTU, by an explicit protocol mechanism such as
>     the TCP MSS option, or by an intrinsic limit such as the size of a
>     protocol length field.

It is a section on "search_high", while your question in your
previous mail was on "eff_pmtu":

>> First, it sets eff_pmtu to 1400B. OK?
> Where did you get 1400 from?

Note that rest of your mail also contains a lot of
misunderstandings on the RFC. But, as you don't read
the RFC, collecting them is a waste of time.

Read the RFC thoroughly again and again, 10 times a day
for 30 days. Then, I may reply your further questions if
asked off list.


					Masataka Ohta

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