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> From: "Jon Lewis" <jlewis at lewis.org>

> Speaking of that sort of thing, I'd really LOVE if there were a device
> about the size of a netbook that could be hooked up to otherwise headless
> machines in colos that would give you keyboard, video & mouse. i.e. a
> folding netbook shaped VGA monitor with USB keyboard and touchpad. I know
> there are folding rackmount versions of this (i.e. from Dell), but I want
> something far more portable. Twice in the past month, I'd had to drive
> 100+ miles to a remote colo and took a full size flat panel monitor and
> keyboard with me. Has anyone actually built this yet?

Not quite... but there is at least one vendor who manufactures a single-head
genlock VNC server; it plugs into your VGA, KB and Mouse connectors, and has
an Ethernet connector on the other side.

This might actually be more useful, I think.

Wish I could give you a vendor name.  Startech makes them with builtin KVM
switches, but I'm not sure if they have the single port model.

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