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Jon Lewis jlewis at lewis.org
Mon Feb 20 19:19:15 UTC 2012

On Mon, 20 Feb 2012, Joe Greco wrote:

> I must admit that our planning and preparedness is designed around a
> multi-level strategy to avoid having to go on-site to a site nearly a
> thousand miles away, so we've probably instrumented things a bit more
> heavily than many networks, but when the cost difference between IPMI-
> capable gear and standard gear is a handful of dollars, I guess I am
> a bit mystified that anyone would want to "drive 100+ miles to a
> remote colo" twice a month for a task that it sounds like KVMoIP or
> IPMI might be able to tackle.

Technically, only one of the trips was to play doctor on the remote 
server...the second was to upgrade/replace other gear in the POP, but I 
figured as long as I'm there, it'd really suck to be there and not have a 
head for the server if I need it...so it went with me.  On the second 
trip, the monitor (this time a 20" because the 17" I'd taken last time had 
died in the interval between the trips...or maybe as a result of its car 
trip) never left the car.

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