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I too would be VERY interested in something like this.  There are many times when I am out on site with customers who don't have anything connected to it and you need to figure out what is up.  Even a VGA input USB keyboard/mouse and application to match it for an Android/iFail tablet would be AWESOME.  I'm sure our office would buy about 10 of them the first week they were out...  I have USB inputs on my tablet that work for USB headphones and USB keyboard so I would think it would just be driver and software fun....

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On Sat, 18 Feb 2012, John Osmon wrote:

> At my $JOB[-1] they laughed at me when I pulled a Wyse out of the 
> trash bin and stuck it on a spare crash cart.
> Then I fixed something while they were still looking for USB-Serial, 
> etc.

Speaking of that sort of thing, I'd really LOVE if there were a device about the size of a netbook that could be hooked up to otherwise headless machines in colos that would give you keyboard, video & mouse.  i.e. a folding netbook shaped VGA monitor with USB keyboard and touchpad.  I know there are folding rackmount versions of this (i.e. from Dell), but I want something far more portable.  Twice in the past month, I'd had to drive 
100+ miles to a remote colo and took a full size flat panel monitor and
keyboard with me.  Has anyone actually built this yet?

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