DNS Attacks

Tei oscar.vives at gmail.com
Mon Feb 20 15:38:00 UTC 2012

I am a mere user, so I all this stuff sounds to me like giberish.

The right solution is to capture the request to these DNS servers, and
send to a custom server with a static message  "warning.html". Nothing
fancy.   With a phone number to "get out of jail", so people can call
to "op-out" of this thing, so can browse the internet to search for a

This or do nothing.

Interpol helps Iran capture a programmer for creating porn sites.

Now, if the Interpol want you to block a DNS server, or worse, to spy
on users conecting to a DNS server. Will you help?  doing nothing is
also a good option, methinks.  Start medling, redirecting dns trafic,
spyiing on the user... all these things are dirty and can't end well.

(note, of course, I am a user, so I have a user opinion. )

ℱin del ℳensaje.

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