X.509 Certs For Personal Use

Sven Olaf Kamphuis sven at cb3rob.net
Sat Feb 18 18:27:12 UTC 2012

> Are there any providers that target someone with my desires?  What
> providers do NANOG folks use for their _personal_ needs?

none at all, we choose NOT to make ourselves dependant on external 
suppliers as far as posibble and this includes NOT having SSL which is 
lacky in encryption, as well as overal security (bufferoverflows and what 
not) anyway, as well as "external parties" having YOUR keys. (whomever 
came up with that idea must work for some other government or have been on 
crack ;)

in short: no go, just encrypt your layer 2/3 if you don't trust the 
"way there" with a mechanism of your own, not supplied by un screened 
third parties

(quite sure verybad notwork solution is full of cia spies, but we have 
none of ours in there, so screw them ;)

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