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Pierre-Yves Maunier nanog at maunier.org
Sat Feb 18 13:36:41 UTC 2012

2012/2/17 Jason Baugher <jason at thebaughers.com>

> Do you guys ride your bike to the colo and show up in shorts and a
> t-shirt? Who goes to the colo without things like their laptop?
Nope but sometimes you can forget some things.
I usually try to take everything to cover my needs while on site but it can
happens you forget something if you're in hurry.

I always have this in my bag along with my laptop when I go on site :
- a leatherman
- some LC/SC couplers
- 1GE-TX tri-rate (10/100/1000M) SFP, 1GE LX multirate SFP (up to STM16)
- LC and SC loop patch cord
- 2x7dB SC attenuators
- usb-rs232 adaptor + rs232-rj45 adaptor
- 2xCAT5 cable : 2 meters + 10 cm
- 1xRJ45 straight coupler

Some times I need something else like a laser pen of a power meter that I
can't always bring with me and that I can forget when I go on site. Or if
I've just used one of these in the office I can forget to put them back in
my bag and I would need it on site.

Having the possibility to have these on site is usefull even if you're not
the kind of guy going without anything or like with say in french : with
your dick and your knife.

Pierre-Yves Maunier

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