Simple Cable Marking Standards

Andy Johnson andyjohnson at
Sat Feb 18 04:03:06 UTC 2012

>> Some of it "looks" really nice but can be a pain to work with, too so you 
>> have to consider how it would be to have to pull a blade from that switch 
>> that looks really nice at first until you consider having to actually 
>> replace anything in that network.

This advice is huge, and often only learned after both being the guy to wire 
up two fully populated chassis (240ish rj45's) in a rack, and then come to 
the realization that you can't remove blades without unplugging all the 
cables of the four blades surrounding it. That isn't the worst of it, the 
realization that any future blade replacements on either chassis will cost 
you that same pain is what really hurts.

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