Common operational misconceptions

R. Sami rms2176 at
Sat Feb 18 01:36:45 UTC 2012

When I bring up Linux ISOs to the believers of this misconception,  
they generally argue that Linux ISOs can be obtained without  
BitTorrent as well so blocking BT is okay. But I believe it is up to  
the user to decide which protocol to use to obtain the data and if the  
user wants to use BT but the network prevents this, the network is at  

Other valid uses of BitTorrent include content intentionally  
distributed via BT for free by Hollywood studios, television  
broadcasters, and artists of Creative Commons works. There's also  
Blizzard patches and other game patches. Some companies like Twitter  
apparently use BitTorrent internally (

Quoting Jay Ashworth <jra at>:

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>> From: "Ridwan Sami" <rms2176 at>
>> There is no legitimate reason for a user to use BitTorrent (someone
>> will probably disagree with this).
> Yeah, no.
> You've clearly never tried to download a Linux installer DVD.
> Cheers,
> -- jr 'among dozens of other legitimate uses' a

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