Colo Vending Machine

Leigh Porter leigh.porter at
Fri Feb 17 20:27:37 UTC 2012

On 17 Feb 2012, at 20:18, "Randy Bush" <randy at> wrote:

> i just want to pay a compliment to the fibercloud colo in the seattle
> westin.  there are crash carts, a tool-chest, rack screws, other screws,
> garbage cans, ...  and, if you are polite, they'll loan you usbs, blank
> cds, ...  and, as remote hands, they are smarter than i.  oops, maybe
> that's not a compliment.
> randy

There used to me a guy called Mike at telecity NY (25 Broadway) who was just fantastic. With mike and the radio shack next door there was not much that could not be fixed.

Mike, wherever you are now, kudos!


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