common time-management mistake: rack & stack

Scott Weeks surfer at
Fri Feb 17 19:42:42 UTC 2012

--- gary.buhrmaster at wrote:
There is a theory of management that says a good manager
needs to know nothing about the staff or the jobs he is managing,

<neck hair == raised>  :-)

>From empirical data, this is not a good thing for companies.  They
constantly make bad choices because they not only don't understand the 
concepts, but can't even grasp the consequences of their decision.

For example, I had four GigEs each to several upstreams.  I pointed the BGP 
session to the loopback at the provider's router, so the traffic would load 
share across the four GigEs.  I was told my one of those managers who "needs 
to know nothing about the staff or the jobs he is managing" that was not 
redundant and that I had to do one BGP session per GigE, so four BGP sessions 
to each upstream.  After some heated discussions with the manager about why 
that was not a good design decision, I warmed up my resume and started looking 
for a new job.


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