Common operational misconceptions

Sven Olaf Kamphuis sven at
Fri Feb 17 19:24:50 UTC 2012

> missing? That's bad. If not, can you reach the route? Try this radical 
> command that was invented by Steve Jobs while working on his first IPhone 
> (They won't know who Vint Cerf or anyone else is and by using Steves name 
> they will trust you)(I run Android):
> telnet 1433
> What? It answered? So the SQL service is running? Then it ain't the network 
> dude....

steve jobs knew how to operate a computer?

the guy that renamed apple computer to "apple" :P

i thought he just knew how to come up with overheating cases and shiney 
designs to put -around- the computers (well until the chips fell out of 
their sockets due to the heat or they caught fire :P they had woz for the 
computer stuff remember :P

the guy that first turned a perfectly open computer platform 
manufacturer capable of keeping the ibm pc out of the market
for many decades to come into a gadget for the managers desk,
and then came back to turn a unix workstation manufacturer into an 
electronics toys (iphones) company.

the question is: where would apple have been all those years, if steve 
jobs wasn't around to screw it up every time :P

(and where are the BMCs in their mac-mini "servers" ;)

2 video chips.. but no bmc..hmm.

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