Colo Vending Machine

Sven Olaf Kamphuis sven at
Fri Feb 17 19:09:02 UTC 2012

or you just use your datacenter access rfid pass to pay and they put it on 
the bill later on.


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On Fri, 17 Feb 2012, George Bonser wrote:

> Diagonal cutters
> Screwdriver with interchangeable Phillips/straight blade
> Small flashlight (with the data center provider's logo even!)
> Headlamp
> Small mirror (inspection mirror)
> Rack screws
> Zip ties
> Velcro ties
> Sharpie markers
> Pens
> Notebook of shirt pocket size with pages that can be easily torn out for leaving notes.
> Post-It
> Assortment of electrical tape in various colors.
> SFPs (optical and RJ-45, short and long range)
> USB stick (sans viruses)
> Patch cords 1, 3, 5 meter. Copper, multi-mode, single-mode fiber
> USB to DB9 dongle (with driver on USB stick or one the computer can discover on the Internet)
> Standard charger of sort used for most smart phones these days or the proper USB cable (micro USB)
> The vending machine should use a card like an ATM/gift card, not accept cash.  You should be able to "charge" the card with some cash via a web portal and keep the card in the facility in your space.  If something is needed, one can purchase it with the card.  If there is no money on the card, a person can add cash to the card via a web portal somewhere.   Scenario:  remote hands guy arrives on site, needs an SFP, card doesn't have enough money on it, calls me, I can add the cash to the card, he can purchase the SFP and leave the card in the space for the next time it is needed.

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