Common operational misconceptions

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To find counterfeit they teach you what good money looks like.  When you
are looking at a sniffer trace you are generally looking for something
that is not right. 

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On 2/17/2012 10:18 AM, Steve Clark wrote:
> I agree with this 100%.
> Having worked with many people over the last 40 years, the good 
> trouble shooters understood how things
> were suppose to work. This helps immeasurably in determining where to 
> start looking.

This is dead on and why I always start classes with a refresher on the 
OSI model.  While the model isn't perfect it lets technicians and 
engineers construct a reasonable model of how things *ought* to be 
working.  While you certainly will run into devices that bend or even 
break the rules (sometimes for good reasons) its much easier to 
understand the exceptions if you know the normal operation for a 
repeater, bridge, or router.

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