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In a message written on Fri, Feb 17, 2012 at 06:06:52PM +0000, George Bonser wrote:
> Heh, that's been a notion I have had for a while.  Opening an all-night shop somewhere in Silicon Valley that sold patch cords, memory sticks, disk drives, maybe even common router blades, optics modules, fans, etc.  Sell it for a bit more margin than the going rate for the "day" shops and ONLY be open at night/early morning, say 7pm to 11am.  Maybe do some "remote hands" work, too.

I've repeatedly asked $BIG_COLO_PROVIDERS to offer a vending machine
in the lobby next to the one with sodas that sold Cat 5, Fiber,
SFP's, USB sticks, and so on.  Even at a moderate margin I suspect it
would be quite profitable to them, and quite welcomed by customers who
show up in the middle of the night when nothing is open and need parts.

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