Common operational misconceptions

George Bonser gbonser at
Fri Feb 17 17:51:27 UTC 2012

> Long before there was a Grainger (and Home Depot) in every city, and
> you could get parts shipped overnight, one had to "make do", and
> "making do" meant being able to figure things out to be able to "git r
> done"
> with what you had on hand, or could figure out.
> When working on my Grandfather's farm, I did not look for work to do
> (actually, I looked for ways not to do any work :-), but if the project
> required pulling out the oxy-acetylene torch to cut and weld something
> onto the tractor to get something done, that is what you had to do, so
> you did it.

Yep, when looking for troubleshooters, look for people that grew up/worked on a farm.

I absolutely agree.  They approach things from a completely different mindset.

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