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Here's a little trick that works really well for those types of labels.  Have you watched professional wrappers at Christmas time curling ribbon with a  pair of scissors?  It works for removing the backing from the labels as well.  Hold the backing of the label against the side of a pair of scissors / knife / even a key with some sharper points on it, and drag it across the edge.  This will make the ends separate a little bit, allowing you to take hold and easily separate the pieces.

Check out this site that shows it being done with scissors if you've never seen it 

Make sure it's the backing side being scraped across the scissors, not the printed side.


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ok, this is horribly pragmatic, but it's real.  yesterday i was in the westin playing rack and stack for five hours.  an horrifyingly large amount of my time was spent trying to peel apart labels made on my portable brother label tape maker, yes peeling the backing from a little label so remote hands could easily confirm a server they were going to attack.

is there a trick?  is there a (not expensive) different labeling machine or technique i should use?



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