Which way to fold the label (was: Re: time sink 42)

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> From: "Karl Auer" <kauer at biplane.com.au>

> On Thu, 2012-02-16 at 17:17 -0500, Jay Ashworth wrote:
> > > Fold one of the corners of the label, just a tiny corner, back towards
> > > the backing paper, then forward.
> > It matters which way you bend, because of the relative stiffness of
> > the paper and the plastic; you have to bend *towards* the paper,
> > which will stay folded, away from the plastic.
> What?!? Forward instead of backward? KILL THE UNBELIEVER! KILL! KILL!

Way to misquote me, Karl.  :-)

> The alternative approach, to which ALL right-thinking persons subscribe,
> is to avoid, as much as possible, folding the label. Because, indeed and
> as you say, it will remain folded. If the label does have to be bent, it
> should be left bent down, not up. Bending it towards the backing may
> work on it's own, subjecting the backing paper to the more acute
> deformation, and the label may even thereafter return to the flat
> position uncreased, leaving the backing paper separated. The more
> destructive bend upwards may also leave a corner of the label bent up
> and away from the surface the label will be on.

It isn't necessary to bend it so sharply that the crease will stay in the 
plastic, no.

And no, I didn't say the "label would stay folded".  I said the "backing 
would stay folded".


> The Covenant of the Holy Order of Downfolders meets weekly behind the
> fourth server rack from the left, lower basement. Batteries not
> supplied. Bring your own torch, pitchfork, etc.


Or More Magic?

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