common time-management mistake: rack & stack

Alain Hebert ahebert at
Fri Feb 17 14:11:32 UTC 2012


     Or sometimes you don't let a hazardous task like handling a Carrier 
Class Router to your CCNA in case they injure themself.

     Or worst...  drop it =D

     ( From an actual experience )

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On 02/17/12 02:29, Jeff Wheeler wrote:
> Randy's P-Touch thread brings up an issue I think is worth some
> discussion.  I have noticed that a lot of very well-paid, sometimes
> well-qualified, networking folks spend some of their time on "rack&
> stack" tasks, which I feel is a very unwise use of time and talent.
> Imagine if the CFO of a bank spent a big chunk of his time filling up ATMs.
> Flying a sharp router jockey around to far-flung POPs to install gear
> is just as foolish.
> Not only does the router jockey cost a lot more to employ than a CCNA,
> but if your senior-level talent is wasting time in airports and IBXes,
> that is time they can't be doing things CCNAs can't.
> I was once advising a client on a transit purchasing decision, and a
> fairly-large, now-defunct tier-2 ISP was being considered.  We needed
> a few questions about their IPv6 plans answered before we were
> comfortable.  The CTO of that org was the only guy who was able to
> answer these questions.  After waiting four days for him to return our
> message, he reached out to us from an airplane phone, telling us that
> he had been busy racking new routers in several east-coast cities (his
> office was not east-coast) and that's why he hadn't got back to us
> yet.
> As you might imagine, the client quickly realized that they didn't
> want to deal with a vendor whose CTO spent his time doing rack&  stack
> instead of engineering his network or engaging with customers.  If he
> had simply said he was on vacation, we would never have known how
> poorly the senior people at that ISP managed their time.
> With apologies to Randy, let the CCNAs fight with label makers.

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