common time-management mistake: rack & stack

Jared Mauch jared at
Fri Feb 17 13:35:54 UTC 2012

On Feb 17, 2012, at 3:17 AM, Brandon Butterworth wrote:

>> I have noticed that a lot of very well-paid, sometimes
>> well-qualified, networking folks spend some of their time on "rack &
>> stack" tasks, which I feel is a very unwise use of time and talent.
> It's not a waste, it's therapeutic, breaks the monotony of a desk
> job, you get a bit of exercise. Doing something mindless can help
> clear your thoughts, engineering yoga.

	+1 I find this myself, it's useful to do this, as it is to sit in with the operations team and other groups (even finance) to understand what other groups need/require.  I've often found that someone is working around a problem they didn't know you could solve (easily), or is doing a large amount of manual labor when there is an API, etc.

	Perspective is good.  I also do other work that certainly isn't a complete use of my talents that benefits others (e.g.: chaperone a field-trip at school).  These are not without merits, but I do know I have my faults in perhaps reading (and responding) to NANOG too much when I should be engaged in more worthwhile tasks.

>> Imagine if the CFO of a bank spent a big chunk of his time filling up ATMs.
> That'd be a good idea, it's too easy to become remote from reality.
> obviously you need the right balance - s/big//

	- Jared

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