Which P-Touch should I have?

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Subject: RE: Which P-Touch should I have? Date: Thu, Feb 16, 2012 at 11:20:37PM -0600 Quoting Kenneth M. Chipps Ph.D. (chipps at chipps.com):
> I don't suppose anyone follows the TIA-606-B Administration Standard for the
> Telecommunications Infrastructure of Commercial Buildings when labeling
> things like cables.

The swedish equivalents are way to tree-centric, meaning it is hard to
assign codes to stuff like fiber path between rooms that do not pass
the One Interconnect In The Basement.

We did a 600x600mm grid in the entire building (fitting the footprint of
an ETSI frame, or two 300mm deep cabinets as well as being one european
floor tile.) and then every cable documentation refered grid number and
HE. (German for RU) So a cable could be referenced with AA92:12 - AB36:14,
but the only label on the cable was a serial number.

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