time sink 42

Nathan Eisenberg nathan at atlasnetworks.us
Fri Feb 17 00:17:54 UTC 2012

> I hate all the newer Brother labelmakers I've seen - pretty much for
> this
> very reason.  I've never found a good method for quickly and reliably
> removing the backings for them.

The one thing I absolutely cannot stand about all the low-end brothers is the amount of waste they generate.  When printing single labels, they spit out a useless 3/4 inch tab that you have to hit the 'cut' lever for.  This tab is the tape that was wasted pushing out the last label.  I would estimate this consumes about 20% of the tape on these printers - perhaps less if you chain print or have longer labels.  The PT-1830 and PT-1880 are good examples of this insanity.

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