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Mark Keymer mark at viviotech.net
Thu Feb 16 22:01:08 UTC 2012

Hi Randy,

I know where you are coming from. I have going throw many types. 
Currently we use the Bothers P-Touch with the TZe Tape with the specific 
"Cable/Wire Labels" tape. It works ok and the labels last much longer 
then the previous masking tape with sharpe method.

Overall I pay more money then I would like for the machine and the Tape. 
But it seems to work well and that does mean something.

One of my techs have been look at the  "TekGun - Cable Labeling System" 
for cables. It does look kind of cool. Anyone here have experience with 
that TekGun and what are your thoughts on it?

Mark Keymer
Vivio Technologies

On 2/16/2012 1:08 PM, Randy Bush wrote:
> ok, this is horribly pragmatic, but it's real.  yesterday i was in the
> westin playing rack and stack for five hours.  an horrifyingly large
> amount of my time was spent trying to peel apart labels made on my
> portable brother label tape maker, yes peeling the backing from a little
> label so remote hands could easily confirm a server they were going to
> attack.
> is there a trick?  is there a (not expensive) different labeling machine
> or technique i should use?
> randy

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