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Greg D. Moore mooregr at greenms.com
Thu Feb 16 21:20:48 UTC 2012

At 04:08 PM 2/16/2012, Randy Bush wrote:
>ok, this is horribly pragmatic, but it's real.  yesterday i was in the
>westin playing rack and stack for five hours.  an horrifyingly large
>amount of my time was spent trying to peel apart labels made on my
>portable brother label tape maker, yes peeling the backing from a little
>label so remote hands could easily confirm a server they were going to
>is there a trick?  is there a (not expensive) different labeling machine
>or technique i should use?

If you can't find the split back I've used a black uniball pen. Stick 
tape between pen and metal clip.  Rotate pen about 90 degrees so 
there's a bend in the tape.  But thumb against the metal, holding the 
tape in place.  Pull pen along the length of the tape.  (think about 
the old trick with scissors and making wrapping ribbon for presents 
turn into a curlycue.

That tends to create enough of a tension between the front of the 
tape and the back and it'll be peeled apart.


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