time sink 42

Erik Soosalu erik.soosalu at calyxinc.com
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The other trick is to pre-print your labels.

We use a Brother PT-9500PC to print our labels.  It is a dedicated PC
printer, but it always half-cuts a little tab at the end of the label so
you bend the label at the cut and it is simple to pull off.

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In a message written on Thu, Feb 16, 2012 at 01:08:46PM -0800, Randy
Bush wrote:
> ok, this is horribly pragmatic, but it's real.  yesterday i was in the
> westin playing rack and stack for five hours.  an horrifyingly large
> amount of my time was spent trying to peel apart labels made on my
> portable brother label tape maker, yes peeling the backing from a
> label so remote hands could easily confirm a server they were going to
> attack.

The Brother I have that takes "M" tape has the problem you describe,
it's nearly impossible to get the backing to separate from the label.

I have another Brother that takes "TZ" tape, the backing of the tape of
slit down the middle lengthwise.  Gently curling the tape by squeezing
it causes the middle to pop open, easy to grab.

You can guess which one sits on the shelf, and which one gets used a

The TZ tape unit I use is a P-Touch 1100QL, I don't think it's made
anymore but there are several similar curent models.

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