SSL Certificates

James Triplett jm-nanog at
Thu Feb 16 17:54:39 UTC 2012

On (16/02/12 11:13), Christopher Morrow wrote:
> again, - free. why pay? it's (as you say) not actually
> buying you anything except random bits anyway... if you can get them
> for free, why would you not do that?

They may not charge money, but it's not really free.  You have to
provide them so much personal information, it feels like an
invitation to identity theft.  At the least what they collect would
be valuable information to sell to marketeers.

They demand a valid residential address for the free personal-use certificate;
a business address will not do (and they check).  Our mixed-use building did
not qualify.

Next option is one of their cheap business certificates, but then you must
send scanned images of:
	1. The cover of your passport
	2. The first pages of the passport
	3. The picture of you with your personal detail of your passport
	1. Both sides of your drivers license or identity card or
	2. Photo ID document issued by a local, state or federal authority.

In order to save a couple bucks, I'm gonna scan all this and send it off
to somewhere in Israel???  Geotrust or Comodo don't put you through this.  
For $10, I'll keep my info, thanks.

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