Common operational misconceptions

Steve Bertrand steve.bertrand at
Thu Feb 16 04:43:32 UTC 2012

On 2012.02.15 22:12, Mark Andrews wrote:
> In message<4F3C6703.4050607 at>, Steve Bertrand writes:
>> On 2012.02.15 19:55, Nathan Eisenberg wrote:
>>>> IPv6 is operational.
>>> How is this a misconception?  It works fine for me...
>> Imagine an operator who is v6 ignorant, with a home provider who
>> implements v6 half-assed, and tries to access a v6 site that has perhaps
>> v6-only accessible nameservers, when their provider who 'offers' v6 has
>> resolvers that operate only over v4.
>> *huge* misconception about the operational status of IPv6 (imho).
> This doesn't prove that IPv6 is not operational.  All it proves is
> people can misconfigure things.  If you provide the recursive
> nameservers with IPv6 access they will make queries over IPv6 even
> if they only accept queries over IPv4.
> If you want to know if your resolver talks IPv6 to the world and
> supports 4096 EDNS UDP messages the following query will tell you.
> 		dig txt
> Similarly for IPv4.
> 		dig txt

Thank you :)


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