Common operational misconceptions

Dale Carstensen dlc at
Thu Feb 16 01:13:34 UTC 2012

NANOG don't need no stinkin' glossary, everybody knows what our alphabet
soup means.

Getting a file by bittorrent will always be faster and stress the network
less than downloading it by FTP or HTTP.

The best wide-area network topology is exactly the same as that used by
the Bell network of decades ago.

Corollary of the above, the best back-up route between San Francisco
and Los Angeles in the event of a fiber cut in San Jose is Chicago
or Virginia, not Fresno or Bakersfield.

The only way to provide Metropolitan Optical Ethernet is to install a
Cisco router that costs over one million dollars.

Distance does not matter.  Serve your site from California or Virginia,
and it will work in the panhandle of Oklahoma or the Australian outback
just as well as a closer location would.

Fiber is just too fast, all networking should be wireless.

No traffic is ever wasteful, just get bigger pipes and all problems
will be solved.

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