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> Keep the discussion on the list. I would like to know as well.
> Kenneth M. Chipps Ph.D.
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> Subject: Common operational misconceptions
> Hi friends,
> As some of you may know, I occasionally teach networking to college
> students
> and I frequently encounter misconceptions about some aspect of networking
> that can take a fair amount of effort to correct.
> For instance, a topic that has come up on this list before is how the
> inappropriate use of classful terminology is rampant among students, books
> and often other teachers.  Furthermore, the terminology isn't even always
> used correctly in the original context of classful addressing.
> I have a handful of common misconceptions that I'd put on a top 10 list,
> but
> I'd like to solicit from this community what it considers to be the most
> annoying and common operational misconceptions future operators often come
> at you with.
> I'd prefer replies off-list and can summarize back to the list if there is
> interest.
> John

 I don't know how many times I have "Network Administrators" ask questions
like this...
Speaking in the context of configuring an ipsec tunnel..

    "I have my side built. Can you lock your side down to a specific
protocol? Our sets his device to TCP 104. Makes it nice for me when I set
my ACLs."

I am pretty sure that he meant protocol TCP and Port 104, but I do grind my
teeth when I have to go show them that a specific protocol number means
something completely different than what they were asking.

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