Dear RIPE: Please don't encourage phishing

Stephane Bortzmeyer bortzmeyer at
Wed Feb 15 09:44:38 UTC 2012

On Mon, Feb 13, 2012 at 05:21:02PM +1100,
 Mark Andrews <marka at> wrote 
 a message of 25 lines which said:

> > utf-8 is the one used in the ietf community.
> I challenge you to find a RFC that say it is UTF-8.  

Challenge taken.

RFC 2277, "IETF Policy on Character Sets and Languages", section 3.1,
"Protocols MUST be able to use the UTF-8 charset [...] Protocols MAY
specify, in addition, how to use other charsets [something DNS does
not do, so it must be UTF-8]"

RFC 5198 is a good reading, too.

So, basically, in IETF land, if the encoding is not specified, it is

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