IPv6 explicit BGP group configs

Aleksi Suhonen nanog-poster at axu.tm
Mon Feb 13 04:50:51 UTC 2012


keith tokash wrote:
> I'm prepping an environment for v6 and I'm wondering what, if
>  any, benefit there is to splitting v4 and v6 into separate groups.
> We're running Junipers and things are fairly neat and ordered;

I haven't really looked very hard, since I subscribe to the stated 
reasons for keeping v4 and v6 sessions apart. (migration, max-pfx, ...)


To my knowledge, JunOS doesn't even support using a single TCP session 
to exchange routes of all address families. If someone knows how to do 
this - if even for just IPv4 and IPv6 unicast - let me know ... ;-)

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