PGP, S/MIME + SSL cross-reference (Was: Dear RIPE: Please don't encourage phishing)

Ryan Malayter malayter at
Fri Feb 10 19:11:18 UTC 2012

On Feb 10, 12:01 pm, Leo Bicknell <bickn... at> wrote:
> OSX at least has a central certificate store (Keychain), although
> it's not up to the tasks of the world I wish to have.  Other OS's
> provide no central store, so each application maintains their own
> key store.

Windows has had its own centralized certificate store and APIs since
NT 4.0's release in 1996.

Firefox and Java are the only mainstream software can think of on
Windows that insists on using their own certificate stores (really
just a "pile of world-readable files") instead of the built-in per-
machine+per-user certificate store on Windows.

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