Slow IN-ADDR.ARPA responses

John Levine johnl at
Thu Feb 9 02:46:31 UTC 2012

>I checked the traffic graphs for the server we operate
>( and it has normal traffic loads. Have not heard
>of any report of issues with the other operators.

Actually, the A server is the only one that's responding quickly,
viewed from my DSL line hanging off gblx:

A   26ms
B   83ms
C  308ms
D  136ms
E  248ms
F   96ms

An acquaintance at LinkedIn tells me that they're seeing the same issue.

Doing a traceroute to the C server, it looks pretty snappy as far as
London, then slow as soon as it's in Afrinic's network.  I think it's
usually faster than that.  For the E server, the link between HE in
California and Australia seems slow.


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