Firewalls in service provider environments

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> Looking for some recommendations on firewall placement in service
> provider
> environments.  I'm of the school of thought that in my SP network I do
> as
> little firewalling/packet filtering as possible. As in none, 

I had a vendor actually suggest that that ALL my customer traffic should traverse a firewall. I asked why and they said "Ahhh it the internet, must have firewall". I suppose this must have been a great firewall.

So yes I would agree with you, firewall nothing for your customers unless they are paying you for a specific service. Filtering known bad ports, well, what's a known bad port? Bad for one person may be quite important for another. Whilst filtering port 25 outbound may help prevent some bots from emanating spam, it certainly does a lot to annoy other people.

Leigh Porter

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