Firewalls in service provider environments

Matthew Reath matt at
Tue Feb 7 15:31:21 CST 2012


Looking for some recommendations on firewall placement in service provider
environments.  I'm of the school of thought that in my SP network I do as
little firewalling/packet filtering as possible. As in none, leave that to
my end users or offer a "managed" firewall solution where if a customer
signs up for the extra service I put him in a VRF or VLAN that is "behind"
a firewall and manage that solution for them. Otherwise I don't prefer to
have a firewall inline in my service provider network for all customer
traffic to go through. I can accomplish filtering of known bad ports on my
edge routers either facing my customers or upstream providers.

What is the group's thought on this?


Matt Reath
CCIE #27316 (SP)
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