Thanks & Let's Prevent this in the Future.

Hank Nussbacher hank at
Wed Feb 1 09:13:57 UTC 2012

At 03:58 01/02/2012 -0500, Kelvin Williams wrote:

Those ISPs that are good network citizens have done it already.  Those who 
don't care and who haven't done it yet - won't do it in the future.  The 
only recourse you have is exactly what you have done.


>How can we prevent anyone else from ever enduring this again?  While we may
>never stop it from ever happening, spammers (that's what we got hit by
>today) are a dime a dozen and will do everything possible to hit an Inbox,
>so how can we establish a protocol to immediate mitigate the effects of an
>traffic-stopping advertisement?
>I thought registering with IRRs and up-to-date information in ARINs WHOIS
>was sufficient, apparently I was wrong.  Not everyone respects them, but
>then again, they aren't very well managed (I've got several networks with
>antiquated information I've been unable to remove, it doesn't impair us
>normally, but its still there).
>What can we do?  Better yet, how do we as a whole respond when we encounter
>upstream providers who refuse to look at the facts and allow another to
>stay down?
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