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joel jaeggli joelja at
Thu Dec 27 18:40:27 UTC 2012

On 12/27/12 10:29 AM, mike wrote:
> On 12/27/12 9:25 AM, joel jaeggli wrote:
>> On 12/27/12 9:04 AM, mike wrote:
>>> I reloaded their app (yes, I know... sew me) and got this warning:
>>> IP address:     2600:100f:b119:c6bc:bd6f:fabb:ff30:2a3d
>>> Estimated location:     Livingston, NJ, US
>> That's a rather good estimation of where many verizon wireless 
>> customers appear to come from.
> This can't mean that all of their v6 traffic is backhauled to NJ, right?
Wireless carriers have a limited number of PDN gateways in their 
networks. it is entirely plausible that your packets visited new jersey.
>>> Which seems pretty bizarre. I'm guessing they must be getting it from
>>> whois or something based on the address block for Verizon. The reverse
>>> map according to
>>> host 2600:100f:b119:c6bc:bd6f:fabb:ff30:2a3d
>> one assumes they have a an geoip database like they have for ipv4
>>> comes back with NXDOMAIN. I suppose the real issue here is with Vz
>>> and why they don't have v6 reverse maps, but it did throw me 
>>> thinking that
>>> somebody in New Jersey might have hacked my account.
>> Well could certainly wildcard their responses, not sure that dynamic 
>> dns updates would be either scalable or appropiate.
> Right, brain fart on my part. Reverse map has nothing to do with a 
> geoip database.
> It's still strange that it has no reverse map though. I wonder what 
> might break because
> of that assumption :)
> Mike
>>> Mike

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