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mike mike at
Thu Dec 27 18:29:22 UTC 2012

On 12/27/12 9:25 AM, joel jaeggli wrote:
> On 12/27/12 9:04 AM, mike wrote:
>> I reloaded their app (yes, I know... sew me) and got this warning:
>> IP address:     2600:100f:b119:c6bc:bd6f:fabb:ff30:2a3d
>> Estimated location:     Livingston, NJ, US
> That's a rather good estimation of where many verizon wireless customers appear to come from.

This can't mean that all of their v6 traffic is backhauled to NJ, right?

>> Which seems pretty bizarre. I'm guessing they must be getting it from
>> whois or something based on the address block for Verizon. The reverse
>> map according to
>> host 2600:100f:b119:c6bc:bd6f:fabb:ff30:2a3d
> one assumes they have a an geoip database like they have for ipv4
>> comes back with NXDOMAIN. I suppose the real issue here is with Vz
>> and why they don't have v6 reverse maps, but it did throw me thinking that
>> somebody in New Jersey might have hacked my account.
> Well could certainly wildcard their responses, not sure that dynamic dns updates would be either scalable or appropiate.

Right, brain fart on my part. Reverse map has nothing to do with a geoip database.
It's still strange that it has no reverse map though. I wonder what might break because
of that assumption :)

>> Mike

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