why haven't ethernet connectors changed?

Jason Baugher jason at thebaughers.com
Fri Dec 21 21:48:04 UTC 2012

On Fri, Dec 21, 2012 at 2:37 PM, Naslund, Steve <SNaslund at medline.com>wrote:

> I have noticed that too.  However it is not the RJ-45 connector's fault.
> It is the morons that insist on recessing connectors in places where you
> can't get your finger on the tab.  I like the patch cords that have the
> kind of loop/spring thing for a tab that does not catch on everything
> and that way you don't need the boot over the tab.  Another pet peeve of
> mine is connector boots that harden up over time so it is nearly
> impossible to flex the tab to remove the cable.  Also, how about the 48
> port 6500 blades and trying to remove the cables near the blade
> extraction tabs.  Grrrr.
> Yes, the tabs you refer to are the best. I have never done business with
this company, but that have a good picture for reference.


The full boots can be so thick that they won't fit into a high-density
switch. If you're in a cold environment they go from difficult to compress
to damn near impossible. More than once I've used a knife to cut a hardened
boot off a cable so it's usable again.


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