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Courtney Smith courtneysmith at comcast.net
Tue Dec 11 22:37:59 UTC 2012

> Anyone,
>                Hopefully this is a simple question about RADB.  I'm
> supporting a small wireless ISP, they just recently added a second upstream
> connection - Charter (AS 20115).  The IP space was originally issued by the
> other upstream Windstream (AS 7029).  Looking at a few resources such as the
> bgp.he.net to see who peers with who and looking glasses, it seems that not
> all of AS 20115 peers are accepting our prefix.  AT&T is an example -
> AS7018.  In one case, it's an upstream 2 levels up - Century Link accepts
> from Charter, but Level 3 doesn't accept it from Century Link.  Charter uses
> RADB.  The entry for the prefix looks like this:

What makes you think Level3 is not accepting from CenturyLink?  I suspect Century Link may be a peer of Level3 instead of a customer.   Windstream appears to be a customer of Level3.  Level3 will put a higher local pref on customer routes.

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courtneysmith at comcast.net

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