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Eric Krichbaum eric at telic.us
Tue Dec 11 13:31:22 UTC 2012

While not 100% accurate, it is very common.  The origin being entered by a
provider as their own allows them to add the prefix (and have it accepted by
anyone who filters them by prefix generated) without being forced to add a
downstream (and downstream's downstreams) AS to their AS-SET.  In general,
if an entity does their own IRR somewhere, I'd guess that the correct
AS-SET/etc. should be accepted easily and used.  This is just a shortcut for
providers when a customer says "Add this prefix for me please".


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                Hopefully this is a simple question about RADB.  I'm
supporting a small wireless ISP, they just recently added a second upstream
connection - Charter (AS 20115).  The IP space was originally issued by the
other upstream Windstream (AS 7029).  Looking at a few resources such as the
bgp.he.net to see who peers with who and looking glasses, it seems that not
all of AS 20115 peers are accepting our prefix.  AT&T is an example -
AS7018.  In one case, it's an upstream 2 levels up - Century Link accepts
from Charter, but Level 3 doesn't accept it from Century Link.  Charter uses
RADB.  The entry for the prefix looks like this:



descr:      Vybrent_Communications AS26296

origin:     AS20115

mnt-by:     MAINT-CHTR-WD

changed:    x at chartercom.com 20121207  #18:55:23Z

source:     RADB



descr:      Community Connect LLC

remarks:    Proxy Registered Customer Route

remarks:    SWIP from NUVOX

origin:     AS26296


mnt-by:     MAINT-AS11456

changed:    x at nuvox.com 20080519

source:     RADB is our prefix.  Our AS is 26296.  Does that entry look right?
I'm wondering if the 'origin' AS in the Charter entry is correct, since that
is Charter's AS, not ours.  To avoid confusion, Nuvox is the ISP that
Windstream bought out, hence the name change.  Vybrent and Community Connect
are the same company by the way as well.  Other than RADB, are there any
other database registries that should be checked to make sure the info is






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