Why do some providers require IPv6 /64 PA space to have public whois?

Randy Bush randy at psg.com
Mon Dec 10 23:00:47 UTC 2012

> IPv4 /32 :: IPv6 /128

i.e. a single host or gkw behind a nat.  kinda what i get from comcast
and twt now.

> IPv4 /29 :: IPv6 /64

i.e. i get a lan segment.

makes sense

> The minimum assignment requiring a swip is also ensconced in RIR
> policy.

i am sure that, if you dig deeply enough, a recipe for chocolate chip
cookies is ensconced in RIR policy.  the bookkeepers drank koolaid and
think they have become regulators.

does samantha know her mom is a wannabe lawyer?  :)


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