Why do some providers require IPv6 /64 PA space to have public whois?

Randy Bush randy at psg.com
Mon Dec 10 02:06:21 UTC 2012

>>> reliable tunnel
>> bzzzt!  oxymoron alert!!!
> We use lots of tunnels at my org - the IPsec variety.

as does iij, very heavily.  and it has some issues.

> A quick non-scientific query of our monitoring logs reveals that our
> tunnels are exactly as reliable as the circuits and routers which
> underneath them.

> I defer to your experience and reputation

that would be almost as foolish as i am

there is significant measurement and screaming showing the issues with
v6 tunnel connectivity.  geoff, of course.  and then a bunch of us have
been burned at conferences where the v6 was tunneled.

yes, it can be better than no v6 at all.  but we're well beyond the days
where we bet our businesses on tuneled v6 transport.


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