Possibly a little OT, has spam in theme

Tom Vest tvest at eyeconomics.com
Sun Dec 9 18:03:33 UTC 2012

Actually it's in Japanese. Nifty is one of the oldest (and at one time, largest) access services in Japan. It's owned by owned by Fujitsu.

From here it looks like it's originated by AS2510, which is also Fujistsu.

So "it" is legitimate, even if the unwanted traffic your receiving is not.


On Dec 9, 2012, at 11:39 AM, Barry Shein wrote:

> What is nifty.com? Is it legitimate? The web page is in Chinese.
> I noticed they were trying to do a lot of connects to our mail servers
> but were in the block list and seem to have been for years.
> So I opened it up because fool that I am I like to believe people mend
> their ways.
> It instantly began flooding us with spam, lottery-office at whatever,
> dictionary attacks, that kind of thing.
> So I blocked them again. I've never had a customer complaint about
> this block.
> It's making me lose faith in humanity, a little.
> Totally gratuitous internet governance snark:
>  And they're meeting in Dubai because some countries believe they can
>  be the new sheriff in town? HAH! We've got a hundred million
>  teenagers with whiskey and loaded shotguns roaming the landscape and
>  they think it's just a matter of showing a little authority from
>  people with snappy new uniforms...good luck with that buckaroos!
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