How to get DID local numbers (IP Telephony)

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You can get DID numbers from a carrier when you buy a service from them.  There is usually a ratio of how many DIDs you can get for a certain service.  I know you will need state utilities commission  licenses at least if you want to become a telephone carrier.  IP only voice service I am not sure about, could be considered a data service but I think if you are handing out DOD numbers, you are a phone carrier.  There is a lot of regulatory stuff for utilities in the US.  A lot more than can be explained here.  Involves lots of taxes, law enforcement access, insurance, 911 communications, etc.  There is probably no more regulated business in the US than communications.

Steven Naslund

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Can someone explain me how can I get an block of DID (Telephony numbers)? For example I need 200 numbers. Is that special organization or I must buy it somewhere? What the rule for USA (NY) about telephony providing ? Should I have a licence to sale ip telephony?



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