China Telecom VPN problems (again)

Thomas York straterra at
Wed Dec 5 15:32:09 UTC 2012

It looks like I'm having China Telecom issues yet again. They're batting
down our SSL VPN tunnels. Switching ports doesn't help. Tunneling the SSL
tunnel inside of another tunnel doesn't help. At this point I'm tired of
listening to the screaming by the business users. Can someone contact me
(here or off-list, I don't care) about circuits in China so that we don't
have to use China Telecom? We'd only need 2-10 Mbit and Ethernet hand off.
We don't need BGP or MPLS or anything remotely fancy. Our main concern is
getting connectivity to the business district in Suzhou, but it'd be nice if
we could also use the same carrier in Shenzhen.




-- Thomas York



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