carping about CARP

Adrian Farrel adrian at
Sun Dec 2 22:28:56 UTC 2012

Far be it from me to get involved in a private pissing match, but...

Owen wrote:

> Perhaps we should ask IETF/IANA to allocate a group of protocol numbers
> to "the wild west". A protocol-number equivalent of RFC-1918 or private ASNs.
> You can use these for whatever you want, but so can anyone else and if you
> do, you do so at your own risk.
> This won't entirely solve the problem, but at least it would provide some
> level of shield for protocol numbers that are registered to particular
> purposes through the IETF/IANA process.

Would that be 253 and 254 "Use for experimentation and testing" per RFC 3692?

Of course, no-one like to see their pet protocol designated as an experiment
(unless they really believe it is something that should be carefully researched
and tried out in a controlled environment), but the garden-walling that you
describe seems to fit exactly within the 3692 definitions.


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