When an ISP should run their own IRR for customers

ML ml at kenweb.org
Sun Dec 2 01:20:51 UTC 2012

I'm querying the community on the feasibility of running my own IRR on 
behalf of customers whom probably aren't/won't register their own 
objects.  I'm going down this path since I don't believe RADB or ARIN 
would let me register objects on behalf of my customers.

I know I'm going to need this in the near future once my AS starts to 
peer.  Conservatively I would be proxy registering about 100 customers.

Would a potential upstream/peer NOT want to query my IRR because I'm not 
RADB, ARIN, etc (Essentially not a well known registry)? If not, is it 
likely my IRR could get mirrored by RADB so other networks can retrieve 
good info via RADB.

If I was to run my own IRR is Merit's IRRd they way to go or is there 
something better?


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