Remaining IPv6 hurdles (Was: Programmers...)

Randy Bush randy at
Sat Dec 1 03:32:13 UTC 2012

>> Japan and South Korea are doing quite well indeed
> I guess that depends upon how one defines 'quite well', heh.  They're
> certainly ahead of other countries in the region with regards to IPv6

i can only speak about japan, and it's embarrassing big-time.  europe
is in better shape.  see, for example, erik kline's talk at apnic
busan [0].

>> and China has CERNET of course which is doing mostly IPv6.
> But which does not serve China's user base.

i am pretty sure cernet-2 serves a few times as many people than the
entire population of the united states of jingoism.



[0] - if you have trouble finding it, write to apnic marketing.  they
      seem to run the web site as it is all gloss and hard as hell to
      find content you want.

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